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May 26, 2012 Comments (3) Training

Extreme Cross Training: Pole Dancing

As ultrarunners, we primarily think of one thing when it comes to our training…Running.  Of course, that has it’s good points. By running all the time, we get stronger and more efficient at that activity. The downside is, we also develop overuse injuries and subtle imbalances that show up at the most inconvenient times in our training cycle. “Cross Training” is the idea of participating in other sports and activities, which supplement the primary sport. Many ultrarunners complement their training with cross training activities like Nordic skiing, hiking, cycling, cross fit, yoga, swimming, etc..

In an effort to explore the world of possibilities with regard to cross training, Trail and Ultrarunning writers Sherpa John, Lara Robinson, and Jerry Armstrong set forth on an adventure of epic proportions. We accepted an invitation from “Boulder Spirals”, a fitness studio in Boulder, Colorado specializing in Pole Dancing.  We quickly learned that pole dancing is much more difficult than it looks. The inherit benefit of this extreme cross training exercise is found in the incredible core strengthening, flexibility, balance, and body awareness. These benefits come packaged in a fun, sexy, heart-pounding class which leaves you sore from laughing. We want to thank Boulder Spirals and “Sasha” for taking us through this demonstration class at the Boulder studio. We strongly encourage you to stop in and experience the fun of a pole dance class at Boulder Spirals! 

*UPDATE: Visit Boulder Spirals and mention “Trail and Ultrarunning” for 50% off your first class and 15% off your future purchases!

3 Responses to Extreme Cross Training: Pole Dancing

  1. Matt Pardo says:

    That was funny! I do think those high heel shoes are stupid and dangerous, but it does look like a great arm and core workout.

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