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May 1, 2013 Comments (0) Interviews, Training

Meet Sage Canaday: Ultrarunner 2.0

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The professionalization of mountain ultrarunning is putting a new face on our sport. Younger, faster elites continue to filter in, setting course records and redefining our sport’s image and notoriety.  Corporate sponsors brand the fastest of the fast and enjoy the worldwide exposure of ultra-trail runners who travel the globe racing each other in exotic locations we once read about in National Geographic.  The New York Times has published several articles about ultrarunning in the last 6 months.  With the new growth and exposure of our extreme sport, the competition at the top intensifies.

Boulder Colorado is home to several of these young, elite mountain ultrarunners. The immediately accessible mountain terrain provides the perfect year-round training facility for a sport that requires power and efficiency over technical, vertical trails. Recently, a new ultrarunner moved into town. He has a Porsche engine with off road tires. He’s Sage Canaday.

Sage Canaday

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 I spoke with Sage at the base of Green Mountain in Boulder Colorado.  He shared that he’s excited to board a plane later this week and fly to Spain where he’ll find his way to the Canary Islands for Transvulcania. The idea of racing some of the sport’s fastest runners excites him.  The pursuit of true competition, perhaps. Sage spoke a bit about his training philosophy and nutritional habits. He told me his greatest running inspirations included his parents, who have supported him in the effort to “push his limits and appreciate the outdoors.” Sage told me he is inspired and supported greatly by his ultrarunning girlfriend, Sandi Nypaver. He also told me Max King was a great influence in his decision to crossover from road to ultra trail racing. In the video below, Sage talks about his training, racing, and nutritional habits. We hope you enjoy, “Sage Canaday: Ultrarunner 2.0”

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Sage Canaday: Ultrarunner 2.0 from Jerry Armstrong on Vimeo.


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