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Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra Set

The Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra Set vest is a minimalistic training and racing vest. It offers two 17oz soft flasks in front, with two additional pockets under those for nutrition storage. The vest offers two zippered side pockets that will easily hold a cell phone of any size, extra calories, keys or even a pair of light gloves. Finally, there are two mid-sized elastic pockets in the rear for a jacket, headlamp, or extra goodies. The vest is extremely lightweight, this is guaranteed to replace any current training vest you have in your arsenal. It has adjustable draw strings perfect for tightening around the chest area. Small fit made for small busted female. Very breathable material on shoulders and back.

I’ve been looking for a few years now for the perfect training and racing vest. I wanted something that was simple, but had options for water and some storage. More than anything, I wanted comfortable. Unknowingly, I got all of these in the Salomon Sense Ultra 3. It is a very straight forward vest, simple with just the right amount of storage for short to mid-length training runs, but enough to support the need for water and nutrition throughout the length of a race. This is the perfect vest for that. I’ve felt comfortable training in anything from a 5 miler to 20 miler, the dynamic nature of the vest making it easy to transition between short and long distance runs.

I used this vest on a trail 1/2. It kept items in vest dry during periods of rain. I was able to wrap the draw string pull tie over the full bladder to keep bladder from bouncing up and down during run while full. So lightweight didn’t even notice I was wearing it – and this was my very first race wearing a vest! I would use again and recommend for short distances. Lastly, this is a small vest made for a small busted female. I was able to wear this over a water proof shell due to weather, but it would probably be best used over one layer shirt.

The Salomon pack is strongly designed in its make for lightweight yet durability and tight fit. It is creatively made with just enough usable pockets and space to fit all you would need on a short to mid run. However, this would not be a good fit for a man, or female with a broader back, or bust. Probably would only fit a select group of female runners.

  • Craig in the Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra Set
  • Salomon S-Lab Sunset
  • Salomon S-Lab
  • Salomon S-Lab FInish


Suggested optimal use/Distance: Racers with plenty of aid stations, 50k or less


Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra Set
Price $130.00
Weight 3.88oz
Capacity 3L
Ratings – Out of 5
Fit 5
Performance 4.5
Durability 4.5
Storage 4.5
Ease of Use 4.5
Stability 5



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